Why our weights?

  • All our products have in built pockets designed to snuggly fit our removable weight pads.
  • The weights are flexible ensuring optimum comfort for the wearer.
  • Our weights are evenly distributed across muscle groups, maximising your workout.
  • Adding resistance makes simple power walking, targeted training or indeed any exercise more effective.

Why exercise with weights?

  • Improves muscle tone, strength & condition.
  • Increase stamina and enhances performance.
  • Improves weight management & reduce body fat
  • Boost in metabolic rate.
  • Improve mobility, balance and posture.
  • Helps combat muscle deterioration that comes with age.

Why Exofitness?
Soloman Laurence, Body Conditioning Expert

  • Full range of movement is possible.
  • The weight resistance helped engage both smaller and global muscle groups.
  • Weights and limbs not compromised in weight resistance workout.
  • No interference with overall body mechanics.
  • Increase heart rate, calorie burn and workout intensity.