Welcome to EXOFITNESS - an innovative and stylish range of fitness wear featuring unique removable flexible weight pads, increasing workout intensity.

Our patented flexible weight pads are inserted into pockets located on key muscle areas. The weight is evenly distributed maximising your workout whether simply power walking in the park or targeted training.

Our activewear garments are manufactured from easy cleanable, hi-tech sporting fabric which breaths and wicks and feels soft to the touch. The tights have the added benefit of compression. The weights are not felt due to their flexibility, resulting in optimum comfort for the wearer 

General benefits of weight resistance training include:

  • Improved muscle tone, strength and condition whilst building muscle output and power
  • Increased stamina and enhanced performance of everyday tasks
  • Improved weight management and reduced body fat (increased muscle-to-fat ratio)
  • Boost in metabolic rate
  • Improved mobility, balance, and posture and decreased risk of injury
  • Increased bone density and strength
  • Improved sleep patterns and increased self esteem

Also as we age we loose muscle, using weights during exercise increases resistance promoting muscle tone.

When testing EXOFITNESS, Body Conditioning Expert Solomon Laurence found the following:

  • Full range of movement was possible whilst wearing the sportswear
  • The overall added compound weight resistance helped engage both smaller and global muscle groups
  • Weight resistance workout was possible without compromising joints and limbs and the weight distribution of the body
  • There was no interference with overall body mechanics
  • Increased heart rate, calorie burn and workout intensity.