Shelley Sinclair is the inventor and designer behind Exofitness.London activewear with added flexible weight.

A keen power-walker, Shelley found she had reached a plateau in the benefits she was seeing from her daily routine. Having struggled with the restriction and inflexibility when using hand-held weights to she set about inventing a solution - like you do!

The result is - Shelley saw enhanced results when using activewear with evenly distributed integral weight - to maximise exercise reaching her training goals quicker.

Soliman Laurence - Body Conditioning Expert

One of the top nutritionists and body conditioning experts in London, Solli has put the integrated system through its paces under both both laboratory conditions and in the gym, testing the garments' true function and performance.  

Jane Preston - Marketing

With over 25 years' experience in marketing, public relations and graphic design, Jane has been responsible for devising and implementing marketing strategies and branding decisions

Ian Webb - Product Design

Ian's 1st class Honours degree in Product Design and having 30 years acclaimed industry experience made him the perfect choice to take Shelley's invention beyond drawings and prototypes and into production.